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At zzzeitlos, we believe in breaking the barriers between music creators and enthusiasts, offering a unique, immersive, and interactive experience that goes beyond mere listening.

Participate in crowdfunded initiatives to support and launch projects for your favorite artists, directly influencing the music landscape and helping dreams become reality.

Exclusive Content: Get access to songs, albums, and performances available only on zzzeitlos music. Be the first to discover new music and unreleased tracks from your favorite artists.

Direct Interaction: Engage with artists like never before. Participate in live events, vote on setlists for concerts, and even influence the creative process of upcoming tracks.

Support Your Favorites: Play a vital role in the success of the artists you love. Through subscriptions or one-time contributions, directly support the music and artists that inspire you.

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empowering the artists of tomorrow

zzzeitlos ignites your career with direct fan engagement, flexible monetization, and unrestricted creative freedom.
Dive into live sessions, control your earnings with our fair revenue model, and unleash your music, your way!

With zzzeitlos, take control of how you monetize your work. Choose from direct sales, subscription models, or fan patronage to support your music career. Plus, benefit from fair revenue sharing that puts more money directly in your pocket.

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zzzeitlos marketplace

A dedicated space for artists to sell merchandise, exclusive content, and even unique experiences like features, exclusive beats and mixing and mastering services, providing fans and upcoming artists with more ways to support and connect with their favorite musicians.

Release your music your way. From singles to albums, music videos to live performances, zzzeitlos provides the tools to showcase your talent without restrictions.

Every musician from across the globe is welcome to apply and offer their creations and services through our marketplace.

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We believe in an equitable system where talent is rewarded, and artists retain a larger share of the earnings from their creations and contributions.


Our platform is designed to inspire creativity and redefine what's possible in music production, distribution, and engagement.


zzzeitlos is built on the foundation of a vibrant and supportive community, bringing together artists, fans, and music enthusiasts from around the world.

Virtual Concert Halls. Monetization Flexibility. AI Driven.
The future of music is here.

zzzeitlos audioverse

Dive into virtual reality concerts and interactive music videos that bring you closer to the art and the artist. zzzeitlos takes fan engagement to the next level, offering experiences that transcend traditional listening.

Experience live concerts as if you were there, from the comfort of your home. With cutting-edge streaming technology, the zzzeitlos audioverse brings you closer to the live music experience.

Coming soon: You will have the opportunity to invest in your favorite artists and receive returns based on their success, proportional to the amount of Ether (Ξ) or SOL (◎) you contribute to our system. This investment allows you to acquire a share of the artist's music rights, with the potential for earnings that reflect your level of investment.*

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*To utilize this feature, you must possess a web3 wallet, be at least of legal age in your jurisdiction, and acknowledge that we bear no
responsibility for any financial consequences, or the departure of music artists from our platform, including any monetary losses incurred.


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