fashion goes web3

zzzeitlos is a collective devoted to bridging the gap between physical fashion and blockchain technology

physical clothing

we offer seasonal collections of profoundly designed apparel.
in order to make sure that our products comply with our vision, we have chosen to only use the finest materials made in portugal.
printed and stitched by hand in zurich.

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empowering the youth

up to five percent of any sold fashion item will be directly donated to young creative minds based in zurich. we also plan on hosting events where artworks, clothing or music will be offered in persona.

digital fashion

we waste nothing but data and exploit nothing but our imagination. operating at the intersection of fashion and technology fabricating digital couture and fashion experiences. our mission has always been to build the future of fashion.

every citizen of this planet is invited to apply and sell their creations through our marketplace

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at least 70% goes to the creator of the digital garment in the first sale


we are redefining the status quo by offering a platform for digital creators from all around the world.


NFTs minted on the ethereum and solana blockchain are ecologically sustainable due to low energy consumption

luxurious garments created by artificial intelligence.
the future is here.

the singularity

every high quality garment evolves in a twelve step process based on the quantity of Ether (Ξ) / SOL () being injected in our system.
our AI is trained with a fusion of metallic colors, latest graphical design and color trends.

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